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Tole Friends
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Tole Friends' History

All successful enterprises begin with a vision.

Anne Strebe, of Venezuela, is the creative genius behind the vision, which has become Tole Friends.  Anne wished to bring together decorative painters from around the world.  She envisioned an environment of friendship, education, information and guidance for artists of all skill levels.

Combined with the far reaching possibilities of the world wide web and Anne's vision, Tole Friends now reaches decorative artists around the world and has been the vehicle for creating hundreds of friendships which might never have been possible.

In November 2000, Anne put her vision in motion by creating an email mailing list.  Within a very short time, hundreds of people were sending emails offering painting tips and information.  Tole Friends members are able to ask questions about painting dilemmas and usually within hours, have answers to their questions.  Discussions about brushes and their uses, the various painting mediums and proper surface preparation are just a few of the many topics that are covered on the mailing list.

The website was launched April 15th 2001 with work done during many sleepless nights by designing the website and Karen Chase designing the logo, which is also the permanent listpin for members. Since it's beginning our website is a true sample of how artists can work together in an on-line community, as the persons involved in it's creation live in Utah, Florida and Venezuela. Volunteers from other parts of the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe joined as the need arose.

In November 2001, Tole Friends Association became incorporated, and was subsequently accepted by the IRS as a non-profit organization.  All monies donated to Tole Friends and the net result of the money raised through various fundraisers, are used for educational services, maintaining the website, events benefiting members and office expenses.  All work behind the scenes is done by highly dedicated volunteers.

One of the most important aspects of Tole Friends is education.  Anne envisioned being able to reach decorative artists who, because of health, financial constraints or living in a remote area, were unable to attend traditional classes, seminars and conventions.  In response to this very large need, Tole Friends offers interactive on-line topic chats, organized by a volunteer on a monthly basis.

In addition, in January 2003 an Education Committee was formed, comprised totally of volunteers.  The Education Committee offers 2 publications every month:

quarterly downloadable lessons, each with a specific learning value of a technique or style.
quarterly "Fast & Easy" painting project
quarterlyintermediate painting projects
quarterly articles about history of Decorative Painting
quarterly articles about techniques used in Decorative Painting
quarterly articles introducing products, tools, programs related to Decorative Painting

A program to bring recuit new painters and make these interested in further learning was funded by the Tole Friends Education Fund and run in 2003 in connection with the Society of Decorative Painters Learn to Paint Program.

Tole Friend's charity program is participation in the Memory Box Program. The Tole Friends party in Indianapolis 2003 was the launching pad for Tole Friends' commitment to the Memory Box Program.  Participants of the party painted memory boxes that were later donated to various hospitals to be distributed to families who had suffered the tragic loss of a baby.

The Tole Friends website holds many informative and interesting pages. There are links to hundreds of websites geared specifically to the decorative painter.  Free patterns, lessons, tips and supply sources are just a sampling of the many pages on this well planned website. 

Anne's vision and the selfless commitment of the many volunteers have made Tole Friends the most educational and accessible online community for decorative artists worldwide.

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Click on the image to
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We thank Karen Chase from St. George, Utah for designing our logo

Tole Friends' Association is registered in Utah as a nonprofit organization
and is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Work is done by a volunteer committee;
contributions made to Tole Friends'
are deductibe for computing income and estate taxes.

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